Secondary Level

Title: Dances with Wolves

Author: Michael Blake

Suitable for: Grades 9-12

References: Race, Culture

Summary: The story of a union soldier’s adventure with the Comanche Indians in 1863. He is accepted by the small band of Indians he befriends at Fort Sedgewick.

“Dances With Wolves.” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 11/09/12

Title: Please Stop Laughing at Me

Author: Jodee Blanco

Suitable for: Grades 7-12

References: Culture, Physical Ability

Summary: In this autobiographical book, Jodee Blanco tells how school became a horrific place for her; a world where threats, humiliation, and assault became a part of her daily life. These issues started when she befriended a younger deaf student, and Blanco was both ostracized and tormented by her peers. It is a vividly candid, and sometimes painful, portrayal of what can happen when someone is excluded and tormented, parents who care still make the wrong choices and the school system fails as a student falls through the cracks.

“Please Stop Laughing at Me.” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 11/09/12

writing on my forehead Title: The Writing on My Forehead

Author: Nafisa Haji

Suitable for: Grades 11-12

References: Culture

Summary: Free-spirited and rebellious Muslim-American Saira Qader rejected the constricting notions of family, duty, obligation, and fate, choosing instead to become a journalist, but when tragedy strikes five years later Saira looks to the stories of those who came before–her grandparents, a beloved aunt, her mother and father–and discovers that choice is not always our own, and that faith is not just an intellectual preference.

“The Writing on My Forehead” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

Transition Title: Transition : the story of how I became a man

Author: Chaz Bono, with Billie Fitzpatrick

Suitable for: Grades 7-12

References: Sexual Orientation

Summary: Chaz Bono describes his forty-year struggle to get his physically female body to match his male gender identity, coming out in his twenties, and his efforts to promote and support the rights of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.

“Transition : the story of how I became a man” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/03/13

Every day Title: Every day

Author: David Levithan

Suitable for: Grades 9 – 12

References: Physical Ability

Summary: Every morning A wakes in a different person’s body, in a different person’s life, learning over the years to never get too attached, until he wakes up in the body of Justin and falls in love with Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon.

“Every day ” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/03/13

Borderline Title: Borderline

Author: Allan Stratton

Suitable for: Grades 7 – 12

References: Race

Summary: Life’s not easy for Sami Sabiri, especially since his dad stuck him at a private boys’ school where he’s the only Muslim kid. But it’s about to get a whole lot worse. When Sami catches his father in a lie, he gets suspicious. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one. In a whirlwind, the FBI and RCMP descend, and Sami suddenly finds his family at the centre of an international terror plot. Everything he’s ever known comes into question as Sami fights to keep his world from unravelling. Borderline is an action-packed page-turner about loyalty and identity, starring a funny and gutsy 15-year-old determined to save his father, his family and his life.

“Borderline” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 04/18/13

skinny Title: Skinny

Author: Ibolya Kaslik

Suitable for: Grades 11-12

References: Body Image

Summary: Family secrets play a role in Canadian author Kaslik’s powerful first novel about 22-year-old Giselle’s struggle with anorexia and its devastating effects on her family. Giselle was one of the top 10 in her class at medical school before suffering a breakdown. While at home recovering, Giselle is on a mission to figure out why her father (who has been dead for nine years) didn’t love her. When her condition slightly improves, Giselle allows herself to enjoy the attentions of Solomon and imagines going back to medical school. In alternating chapters, Giselle’s 14-year-old sister, Holly, expresses her concern about Giselle’s condition while grappling with her own issues. Together their narratives convey the unbreakable bond between the two sisters.

“Skinny ” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

When a Girl is Born Title: When a girl is born

Author: Pamela Grant

Suitable for: Grades 7-10

References: Race

Summary: A memorable novel set in China at the turn of the last century, When A Girl is Born follows the life of Ko-Chin, a fourteen year old girl who has an arranged marriage. She has been taught to be a good and dutiful wife, but her husband is a reformer who believes she should think for herself. Soon they are both caught up in a rebellion, and Ko-Chin must choose between her old traditions and the new western ways.

“When a girl is born” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

rebound Title: Rebound

Author: Bob Krech

Suitable for: Grades 9-12

References: Race

Summary: As Ray fights to make his way onto the Franklin High Varsity, he finds that things are not as simple as he once thought-that a kind friend can be full of hate. and prejudice can be defined in many ways in a world that isn’t black-and-white.

“Rebound” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

hero Title: Hero

Author: Perry Moore

Suitable for: Grades 9-12

References: Sexual Orientation

Summary: At the same time that he’s coming to terms with his sexual orientation, basketball star Thom Creed is trying to figure out exactly what his untrained superpowers can do. In an attempt to break away from his seemingly non-understanding father (an ex-hero with something to hide) and homophobic community, Thom runs away, only to find himself in the middle of a multi-hero rescue operation. Using his ability to heal, he keeps an injured woman alive until the League superheroes arrive and impresses them enough to get an invitation to try out for a hero apprentice position. Thom is teamed with an old woman who can see into the future, a spiteful girl who unleashes her power through fire, a sickly boy who is able to inflict disease on anyone, and a demoted hero with insane speed. With superheroes dying in mysterious circumstances, Thom is forced to admit publicly that he is gay in order to prevent a miscarriage of justice, but finds himself cast out of the League. He organizes his ragtag team to figure out what is really going on and to fight society’s prejudices as well as the criminal element of the town. The story tackles love, friendship, and the eternal struggle to come to terms with who we really are in a tactful, interesting, and well-developed manner.

“Hero” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

shine Title: Shine

Author: Lauren Myracle

Suitable for: Grades 10-12

References: Sexual Orientation, Socio-Economic Status

Summary: When her best guy friend falls victim to a vicious hate crime, sixteen-year-old Cat sets out to discover who in her small town did it. Richly atmospheric, this daring mystery mines the secrets of a tightly knit Southern community and examines the strength of will it takes to go against everyone you know in the name of justice. Against a backdrop of poverty, clannishness, drugs, and intolerance, Myracle has crafted a harrowing coming-of-age tale couched in a deeply intelligent mystery.

“Shine ” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13

models don't eat chocolate cookies Title: Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies

Author: Erin Dionne

Suitable for: Grades 7-9

References: Body Image

Summary: In this humorous novel, weight and friendship issues trouble plus-sized Celeste, 13, until she learns better eating habits and starts to stand up for herself. First she’s forced to wear a hideous bridesmaid dress. Then her friend Sandra dumps her for Lively, a skinny popular girl. Worst of all, Celeste’s aunt enters her in the HuskyPeach modeling competition; Celeste competes to please her mother, but makes plans to sabotage her chances of winning because she’s embarrassed by the whole idea. The competition, however, actually boosts her confidence and helps her come to terms with her weight, her eating habits, and her feelings about Sandra’s defection. The wry, funny tone makes this book a pleasurable read, and teens of all body types will enjoy Celeste’s original voice.

“Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies” TitlePeek. Destiny. St. Marys DCVI, St Marys. 05/22/13